You know your goals in China.
We know how to achieve them.

What we do

  • Technology Transfer, Development  & Promotion.
  • Economic & Trade Planning, Corporate Marketing Research.

OuR Team

The Biggest Value Proposition we can give you is our European Team inside the heart of China, Beijing.
 We perform all our operations in China thought collaboration agreements with different administrations of the Chinese Government and other Public Institutions and Private Entities.
These agreements are integral part of the Made in China 2025 and One Belt, One Road initiatives, implemented by the Chinese Government.


Our Groups

As a member of the European Commission Project «ENRICH in China», we help you with initiatives and actions that promote the internationalisation of your company help you succeed in the Chinese Market.

As an official members of TBI, Chinese Trusted Blockchain Initiative, a group of chinese technology companies under the leadership of CAICT, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, we promote and encourage the good practices in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

success Cases

Portfolio of some of our projects.

CUST Beijing Technology Services along with our Spanish Partners FTime Asia Business Development, have developed an All-in one solution for European SMEs in Cross-Border eCommerce.

We are authorised partners of Ningbo Radi-Cool Advanced Energy Technologies .

We have develop ad-hocindustralisation with local partners of different machinery for several industries.


digital identity

CUST Beijing Technology Services has willingly joined Spanish UNE 71307-1:2020 to enhance the implementacion of Decentralized Identity Management Model.